Sorry, It’s Not Going to Happen

I guess I’m not just a ‘ride in the winter’ kind of guy. For one reason, I don’t have the proper clothing. Where does a guy with a 42″ waist and a 30″ inseam find bike pants to keep the wind out? I bought an XL pair, and I couldn’t even pull them up! I thought that The Amazing Shrinking Man! had found something, but no pants, only tights. I used to have a pair that I got from Performance Bike or Bike Nashbar several years ago, but I lost them in a move.

The weather hasn’t stopped these brave souls:

I guess Stormcrowe and I will have to try another day.

(OK, now I’m looking through the Performance Bike site, and a couple of the pants look promising. More later.)

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3 Responses to Sorry, It’s Not Going to Happen

  1. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    I dunno, I’m just gonna put the tights on OVER a pair of bike shorts, that way, I shelter my manly legs from the wind AND have a Chamois to pad my well endowed butt!::GRIN::

  2. budda43 says:

    Hey Dan!

    C’mon, you can be a “ride-in-winter” kind’o’guy.

    I’ve sort of “just got into” this whole bike thing and so I have no suitable equipment whatsoever, BUT, I throw on a pair of sweat-pants and huff it to work. The ride itself warms you up enough. The only hard part is keeping your ears, nose, and lips warm.

    BTW, I have a 42′ waist and 30′ inseam also (although i can get away w/ a 28′ inseam).

  3. Dan says:

    I think I’ll give it a try soon – once my new clothes arrive. (Although not today. We’ve already received 6 inches of snow in the last 3 hours, and it’s still coming down.)