Breaking the Seal

Today was my first commute by bike of the year. A little later than most years, but I was really happy to get out and ride.

To start, I drove a bit farther than usual. Normally, I would just park down the hill and leave the truck for the day so I could use it to get back up at the end of the day. No major hill climbs for this guy!

However, with the construction on the TART Trail between 4 Mile and 3 Mile Roads, the detour takes riders down the sidewalks on a busy highway. Since I’m not a sidewalk rider, I decided to drive to the other end of the closed section at 3 Mile and Parsons Road. There is a handy trailhead style lot there across from the fire station.

Of course, after I got there and out of the truck, I saw the the construction is apparently complete and the trail is open. Oh well! I’ll start back at the bottom of the hill on Monday.

Regardless of the length, that morning ride in felt wonderful! Temperatures in the 50s and a light breeze makes for a cool, comfortable ride. When I arrived I noticed that the lots were uncharacteristically full because of a Fall orientation session at the college. No worries, as there were plenty of spots at the bike rack.

Part of my normal bike commute day is to ride downtown for lunch where there are several good places to eat. With my truck, parking downtown and parking back at work after lunch are both difficult, so I rarely move it once I arrive in the AM. The bicycle gives me freedom to get away from my usual 2 or 3 places near my office. Today it was Grand Traverse Pie!

Leaves in Bike Lane

Leaves in Bike Lane

The bike lanes all around Traverse City are covered in leaves, leaf bags, and branches as part of spring yard cleaning. I’m hoping the city will pick these up soon so we get our lanes back.

In mid afternoon I rode to my haircut appointment. This involved a mile or so on busy streets with leaf covered bike lanes, and the rest on the Boardman Lake Trail. This trail is a quiet and smooth path around the north and west of the lake, ending at 16th street. I passed several senior citizens out for a spin.

After the haircut I retired to the neighboring bar and their WiFi to finish my work day. (Don’t tell my boss!) Then I rode back to my truck and drove home.

Now that the seal is broken on a new bike commute season, let’s all hit the road!

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