Downright Brisk

Another cold one today. For tomorrow I need to find my full fingered gloves.

I didn’t get to ride home today, as my wife and I had picked up a car from the shop, and I ended up with both a bike and a truck at work. I couldn’t fit the truck in the pannier, so the bike and I both drove home.

To make up for the lost miles, I rode up to the top of the parking garage and back down to my truck.

Miles Ridden: 4.5

365 #244

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2 Responses to Downright Brisk

  1. Tom says:

    A cold front moved through here yesterday- a ten degree temperature difference. It is chilly, but feels nice not to sweat on the ride in.

  2. mupedalpusher says:

    Cold in Missouri too…had to break out the winter clothes.
    A colleague of mine is at Purdue now and he tells me it’s the most dangerous biking on earth! My nephew is a student there and says it’s pretty dangerous as well. What’s your take? What makes it so bad?