When I checked the local Weather Channel page at 3:45 today, it reported the temperature at 51°. I quickly decided that a ride was in order and left work early. My office is in a basement, so I can’t see what the conditions are like outside. I was happy to find a sunny day with not too much wind. I drove home and changed clothes.

Unfortunately, the sun was covered with clouds by the time I got outside. Still, it was at least 45°, so I headed towards Granville. The ride was uneventful, but it felt good. I arrived at the bridge pretty quickly.

Muddy Wabash River with Ice
Ice and debris in the Wabash River

Heading back home, I took River Road past the Gourd house and the Fort, and returned home on Newman Road. The horses were having supper.

Horses at Supper
Horses Having Supper

Will this be the last ride of the year? I thought the last one was.

Miles Ridden: 10.0

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