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This isn’t really bicycle related, but I wanted to point out that I have finally updated my blogroll. I switched to NewsGator months ago, but the blogroll has been pointing to my now-dormant Bloglines account. The list you see on the right is now up to date.

Visit to get the instructions for this. The only problem with this solution is that I have to explicitly add new sites to the blogroll. They don’t just jump in when I add a feed to my Cycling category.

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Michael Isn’t Happy

You’ve probably seen this post discussed on other biking blogs. I found it on Bike Year.

A young man named Michael is upset with cyclists on the roads ‘blocking’ his way. The post doesn’t seem to allow comments, so I’ll put mine here.

Each of us has responsibility for our own actions. Is the cyclist being passed creating the danger, or is it the driver straddling the center line in the face of oncoming traffic? It’s easy, Mike. You control the safety of your drive. You can pass, or you can wait until it is safe to do so. Your choice.

Your post describes some pretty dangerous behavior. If the cyclist is riding at 45 MPH below the limit, then the limit must be at least 55 MPH. So apparently, you take difficult curves at 55 MPH or greater. You dream of using your Honda to maim or kill bike riders. There are obviously some anger management issues that you need to address before you do something serious.

By the way, I use my bike to ride to work, not only for fun. How about you limit your driving to work related trips only?

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Pink Shoes

Greg over at Geese Aplenty doesn’t like my outfits. Read it here.

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Cash Cab

Cash Cab Host Ben BailyDo you ever watch “Cash Cab” on the Discovery Channel? You know, the game show that takes place right in his taxi?

Anyway, almost every shot has a cyclist riding around Manhattan. I’ve seen roadies, commuters, messengers, all kinds. Look on the left side of this shot.

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At the Heart of Healthcare

I was able to squeeze in a ride to Home Hospital and back this afternoon.

Waiting Lobby
At the Train Station
(Why are the Christmas decorations up already?)

Porting the Bike Down the Stairs
Porting the Bike Down the Stairs

Rail Corridor
Rail Corridor

Vintage Stove
Apparently, vintage means “Trash”

Miles Ridden: 12.9

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Post Election Enthusiasm

Foggy Sunrise
Foggy Sunrise

All the stars aligned today and let me ride. I rode to work, to meetings, to lunch, and back home, and I met with great weather all day. It got a little dark while coming home on the North Work Route. Luckily, I packed the headlight.

Two Years After the Bush vs. Kerry Election

Miles Ridden: 20.0

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Stupid Impediments!

Life got in the way of a good ride once again. While I was able to ride to work, and run some errands on the Levee during lunch, I ended up not riding home.

Anyway, I got some saddle time in, and that’s a good thing.

I think I need to learn some basic bike maintenance. One of my errands was to stop by the bike shop. I had just had some work done to the rear derailleur, but 3rd was slipping into 4th quite a bit. The mechanic spent less than five minutes adjusting the slightly stretched new cable, and all was good again. I should be able to do that kind of stuff on my own.

Miles Ridden: 6.8

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All of my usual impediments cooperated today, so I was able to ride to work. Even the fog couldn’t stop me.

Weather Channel Current Conditions - FOG

Full report with miles at the end of the day.

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October Total

Total for October 2006: 135.3 miles
Same month last year: 165.0 miles

I’ve got some catching up to do in November. Last year’s number was 52.9 miles. The cold weather this week isn’t helping me get a good start!

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Time Change

It’s been a while since my last ride, and I blame rain, illness, and other obligations for my absence from the saddle. However, today presented great weather and good scheduling for a ride to work, so how could I NOT ride?

The switch back to standard time made the morning a little brighter, so I didn’t need the headlight. While there was much traffic, no one was driving crazy, so it was a good ride in.

Horses in the Early Morning Fog
Horses in the Early Morning Fog

After work, I had hoped to try out my new rear view mirror that hooks onto the sunglasses, but it was too dark to wear shades. I guess that extra light in the AM was stolen from the evening.

Miles Ridden: 10.8

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