Montmorenci Route

This is a variation of the Montmorenci Loop as drawn by Charlie Myer in his book Bicycling in the Lafayette Area.

Start at the intersection of Division and Newman roads near West Lafayette, Head west to 350W. Turn right (north) at the big tree in the middle of the road.

Big tree at 350W in August 2004

In less than a half a mile, veer left onto 400W. Travel up the hill and a through a few turns until finally heading north past the Xmas tree farm. At SR26 take a slight left (northwest) onto Jackson Highway.* This runs around 3 miles into Montmorenci. Take a sharp left at the cemetary chapel to head south on 650W. This road changes to 675W after a couple of curves.

Cemetary Chapel in Monmorenci - April 2005

At SR26, turn right (west) and follow the highway for a quick run to 750W. Turn left (south) here and ride to the ‘T’ intersection. Hang a right for Kerber Road (a left heads by Martell Forest, a Purdue University forestry research site). Follow Kerber to Division. Take a left (east) down Indian Creek Hill, and continue on Division Road to Newman (don’t miss the left turn at the intersection with River Road).

Top of Indian Creek Hill - April 2005

*Charlie Myer’s route continues north on 400W to 250N (aka Fat Ass Road), right (east) on 250N to 300W (Klondike Road), left (north) on 300W, crossing US52 (becoming Taft Road), sharp left (west) on 500N to US231, left (south) on US231 into Montmorenci, rejoining my route at the church. His route totals 22 miles.

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