First Ride of the Year!

Finally, I was able to ride to work today! Temperatures were in the low 50s this morning. Even with the tailwind, I took it easy so that I wouldn’t work up too much of a sweat. (I ride to work in full office dress wear – with the elastic band around my right calf. It’s quite the geeky assistant professor look.) It is just 3.5 miles to the office traveling on Newman, SR26, McCormick, Gates, Harrison, and Grant.

Dauch Alumni Center

For the ride home, I headed down to the Speedway on the Levee to get a box of doughnuts. Then, I took South River Road out to Newman and home. The Weather Channel reported the wind from the south at a sustained 16MPH with 26MPH gusts. That strong headwind made the first half of the trip pretty slow. Once I turned far enough west to get the wind a little bit behind me, things went much better.

It feels good to get out on the road again. I’m looking forward to my next ride (probably on Sunday).

Miles Ridden: 9.3
Total This Year: 9

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