I Saw Goats Today

I’m realizing already that I’m going to have a tough time naming these posts for each ride. Since I snapped this shot of goats in a pasture, today’s title is more individual than most will be.

[Goats in a field]

I rode the Montmorenci Route today. It’s going to take a little time to get my bike legs back, but I did pretty well. I was also able to take a few photos today, including a couple of new ones for the route page.

A little bad news: the section of 125N between 750W and Kerber Rd that had been paved is now covered with gravel. I’m hoping that the County Highway Dept. is planning to repave it at some point, since it is already rippled and rutted.

[Map showing 125N]

Miles Ridden: 16.8
Total This Year: 35

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