Lindsey Was Wrong

This morning, little Lindsey Butor said that it would be 65 and sunny at 5:00 today. So, I packed shorts and a T-shirt for the trip home. However, when I rode home this evening on the North Work Route, it was 55, cloudy, and windy. Needless to say, I was a little chilly for most of the trip.

After I got home, my wife and I tooled around the neighborhood a couple of times.

[Yard Trash in the Street]

The bike lanes in West Lafayette are pretty good – except for the occasional yard waste obstacle. However, the lanes outside the city limits are covered with sand and gravel remianing from the winter battle against snow and ice. The County won’t sweep the lanes, so we can only hope that a good strong rain comes along and washes it away.

Miles Ridden: 12.9
Total This Year: 157

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