I took my bike in for its spring tune up (a couple of months late!), so I’m on the sidelines until Thursday after 3:00. I’m hoping they call early, but I doubt if that happens since the bike shop, and especially the service area, was quite busy today. I looked at a Trek 1000 while I was there. I’ve been thinking about a road bike for a couple of years, and that model scored well in a recent Bicycling Magazine buyers’ guide.

Since I’m not riding, I won’t be posting, so I’ll give you something else to read.

Crazy Biker Chick
I found this blog in a Google search, and her latest entry is a nice rant against sidewalk riding
Terry’s Cycling Diary
I’m thinking that he’s in the UK. Unfortunately, he says that he has decided to stop posting. Still, the archives are a good read.
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