[Sign: Thur bikes use right lane]It’s getting more difficult to find time for a ride. My son now has summer school every weekday for the next 2 months. He has to be there before 8:00am and be picked up at noon. That kills both the 6am ride and the ride to work for me. Maybe on the days when my wife isn’t working night shift…

Anyway, I solved the problem this time by taking my wife to work the night before. This morning, I tossed the bike in the back of the van, took my son to school, and drove to my wife’s workplace. I left the van for her and took the bike downhill to campus. What a great, easy ride to work!. I’ll try this again tonight.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t record my distance today, since the cyclo-computer seems to have bit the dust. (It may just be a dead battery, but I want to get a new one with more features than my six year old model.) I’ll have to measure the distance later and fill in the blanks.

I started near Salisbury and Cumberland in West Lafayette. The route to the office is Salisbury, Grant, Northwestern, North, Andrew, State, Grant to Wood Street. Coming home, I used the North Work Route.

Miles Ridden: TBD 11.0
Total This Year: 316 + TBD 327

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