Non-confrontational Meandering

After yesterday, I thought I’d take it easy and stick to quiet roads and bike lanes. I didn’t really have a plan in place, so I just started riding. I ended traveling a couple of roads I hadn’t seen in a while, and some stretches that I’ve never seen before.

I started west on Division and north on 350W/325W. This passes the Par View golf course leading to SR26. A short easterly jaunt on the highway and I turned left (north) onto Klondike Road. This is a narrow county road that can be pretty busy, but this morning, it wasn’t bad. Up near the schools, I saw a couple of deer crossing the road. Klondike becomes 300W and then Taft Rd.

At 500N, I turned east. This took me by the tall trees I saw a couple of weeks ago. I continued east onto a portion of the road I’ve never traveled before. After a little bit, the road shot down a hill and came out on SR43 at the American Legion Post 492. I only rode south on SR43 at short time before coming to the end of Soldiers’ Home Road. On the tall trees ride, I had gone down and then back up the switchbacks in front of the Veterans’ Home. This time, the road went straight up the ridge, and it was a little tougher.

Heading back into town, I stopped at my friend Eric’s house and talked for about 20 minutes. He has been fixing up bikes he ‘rescues’ from campus bike racks after they are abandoned by students. He had a couple of Specialized models and a nice Trek in the garage.

Cumberland Ave took me west to Wally World and the Cattail Trail. I followed the trail to McCormick road, SR26, Newman Road, and home.

Miles Ridden: 20.9
Total This Year: TBD + 282

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