Severed Animal Parts

This morning, the neighbor and I went out for a quick morning ride, and his 12 year old daughter joined us. She did a very good job of keeping up, and we didn’t have to slow down much until the last couple of miles.

We took the Granville Bridge Route with a couple of changes. Instead of crossing the bridge on 700W, we headed up to Martell Forest. On the way back, we took the Gourd House Jog.

What made this ride interesting was all of the dead animals on the roads. (Thankfully, there are no photos.) Right outside the neighborhood, there was a fresh skunk kill. We kept a wide berth in case it was not entirely dead. There were many raccoons, an opossum, and a squirrel. Somewhere on Division Road, we saw a disembodied raccoon head. Not sure if it was some sort of forest mob hit.

Miles Ridden: 11.5
Total This Year: 81 + TBD

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