The Other Side of the Coin

I was driving to work this morning, and I came upon a rider starting up “the hill“. I waited behind him as he struggled. He was in a tough gear, and he was trying to get out of my way by riding on the white line or in the dirt next to the pavement. I didn’t pass him, and he soon gave up on staying out of the lane.

Then, a small red car came speeding around both me and the cyclist. (Do I need to point out again that a driver shouldn’t pass on a hill – with a curve – and a double yellow line?) Unfortunately, a white car appeared coming down the hill. The oncoming car immediately slowed and pulled over, and the red car was able to squeeze through (although very close to the white car).

After that, I didn’t feel too guilty about yelling at the deputy. I just wish he had been there to see it.

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