This morning was a foggy one, so the neighbor and I decided to avoid the Wabash River lowlands, and instead head northwest to Otterbein.

Like all of the best routes, we started by heading west on Division, and then up the hill on 400W. This leads to Jackson Highway, which we took northwest to Montmorenci.

350N travels west from Montmorenci to the county line and beyond. We turned north onto County Line Road, and it was just a few miles to Otterbein.

I had ridden there once before a couple of years ago, but it was the neighbor’s first time there in any vehicle. The road became Main Street, which we followed up to the red flashing light in the center of the business district (only a few blocks in length) at the intersection of Oxford Road (which I think may be ‘old US52’).

Wheeling east on Oxford Road, we passed the United Methodist Church, where I saw an old co-worker, Carol, walking in with her husband. We chatted for a couple of minutes until the organ fired up. After crossing US52, 500W took us east.

We started passing small test plots of crops that signaled the proximity of the Purdue Ag Research Farm. We decided to look for a southbound road that would put us back on 400W at US52. 425W was gravel, but 375W looked like a good bet. The south-southeast wind that had picked up provided a nice challenge. A couple of right angle turns lined us up with 400W perfectly. We crossed US52 for a second time at the Kelly Tires store.

Continuing south on 400W, we passed 250N (Fat Ass Road) and arrived back at the SR26/Lindberg Rd/ Jackson Highway intersection. There was a car that had plunged head first into the ditch being pulled out by an SUV driver with a tow strap. He easily saved $100 in tow truck charges.

It wasn’t long before we were back home.

No pictures today, but after we left the familiar routes, the scenery was pretty flat. Browning fields and the occasional farm. It is kind of nice riding up on the prairie instead of in and out of the river valley all of the time.

Miles Ridden: 24.0 (Once around the cul-de-sac to roll it over)

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