Prophetstown State Park

Today, I loaded up the kids and our bikes and drove to Prophetstown State Park in Battleground. Just a $4 entrance fee, and we were in.

I had heard that they had a 2.5 mile bike trail, and I thought it would be a nice way to spend our day off school or work, and a way to get them on the bikes for a little bit.

There is a nice parking area at the trail head. The trail basically parallels the main road through the park – passing through the campground and the picnic areas. There is a similar parking area at the other end. This park has been carved out of farm fields over the past 10 years, so their aren’t many trees. Instead of trying to grow a forest, the DNR is embracing the prairie land motif. There are several fields full of native prairie grass.

We road the trail, explored the campground, and rested at the large playground. (Where were the playgrounds like that when my kids were younger? We were always stuck with the usual Indiana State Park fare – a few timbers stuck into the ground.)

Except for the part where I accidentally pinched my daughter’s neck in the helmet buckle, it was a good time. I will probably be able to get them out there again. Now, if only I could get my wife to come along…

Miles Ridden: 6.2

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