The Last Ride to Work

The weather lady predicted a cold front would arrive tonight, and the forecast for the next several days is cold and rainy. This could be the last ride to work this year, unless I can find some cold weather riding gear.

Big guys like me have a tough time finding bike clothes. Items are marked ‘XL’, but the actual size may almost be a large. I ordered some wind/water resistant bike pants that were marked ’40-42′, but I couldn’t even pull them up! I’ve heard about a company that sells cycling wear for bigger people. I’ll just have to remember their name.

When I left work today, I walked out the door to see a bunch of fire trucks and police cars outside. Apparently, a construction crew had hit a gas main, and a three block area was evacuated. My building was right on the edge, and some co-workers were not allowed to retrieve their cars from the neighboring parking lot until the ‘all clear’ was given.

It was also colder than I expected – 60 instead of 70. I was quite underdressed. What kept me warm was that I had just received a frustrating email before I left, and I was all worked up about it. I found myself pedaling quickly most of the way home on the North Work Route

Miles Ridden: 11.9

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