New Tubes

After dropping my daughter at the movie theater today, I walked over to Hodson’s Bay Company for some new tubes. I’ve never kept spare ones at home. I’ve only had one flat since taking up biking almost 10 years ago. Sure, I’m tempting fate here. Anyway (or as we say in Indiana – Anyways), I thought I would pick up a couple before changing my tires.

I’m switching to my other tires. They aren’t knobbies, but they have more of a tread than the slicks I have on there now. My plan to ride at least once in each month of the year will require some snow riding in December for sure, so I’m going for a little better tread to help my chances of not wiping out.

I’ve never been much of a mechanic, and while I’m not ashamed of it, it is a bit of a confidence drainer when asking questions at the bike shop. (Imagine how freaked I get at the auto mechanic!) Luckily, the bike shop guys are very patient.

I had my son read the tire size off the tire hanging in the garage (26 x 1.62). I told the clerk that size, and he asked the dreaded question: Schraeder or Presta? I know that these are different valve types, but I can’t never remember which is which.

“Whichever is the normal one” I answered – looking at the floor.

He gave me the Schraeder valve without laughing.

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