Ross Hills Park

Flag on Windy Day
Windy Day

Today was a nice sunny day for a ride. The temp was in the mid-40s, but as the flag at the Cooper place indicated, it was a little windy.

I decided to head west into the wind and rode up to Ross Hills Park. The last part of Indian Creek Hill really got me. I must be a little out of shape. 🙂 Mike Prangley predicted a good day for golfing, so I had hoped to get a picture of golfers at the Ravines. There were none there.

David Ross “A” Frame

I rode back into the park to see the David Ross “A” Frame. Apparently, he used this house as his weekend getaway. The park was empty, and someday I’d like to watch a team play Frisbee golf on the course there.

Heading back with the tailwind was much easier.

View From the Axle
What my shoes see

Afterwards, I was telling my wife how I should have started this cool weather riding years ago! Just an extra layer or two, and I’m doing pretty well in the 40s. I haven’t tried the 30s year, and I think I’ll need a headband and better gloves.

Miles Ridden: 13.7

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