Eggs in One Basket

The neighbor and I are both trying to ride at least once each month for an entire year. That can be difficult in the cold Indiana winter. Last year, I missed December, January and February. Regular readers may remember that I have been able to ride every month since, until this month. It has been cold, wet, dark, and windy, and I have been either warm in the house, or busy with life. Looking at the weather and my social calendar for the last week of February, I decided to ride to work on Wednesday (tomorrow). That would be my last chance where I have time to ride and the temperature is above freezing.

However, a last minute appointment dashed those plans, so I left work a little early to try to get a ride in. I made it!

Formerly Frozen Indian Creek
Ice in Indian Creek

Sure, it was a little cold, and I should have worn my new headband to keep my ears and forehead warm, but overall, it was a good ride.

I traveled the Granville Bridge Route, with a short detour under the bridge for these photos. Traffic was light, and no one bothered me.

Under Granville Bridge
As Seen Under the Bridge

Miles Ridden: 9.8

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