A Special Ride

As I threatened yesterday, I rode the just purchased Specialized into work today. I wasn’t a great ride, but as always, I still felt good when I got in.

SR 26 Inbound
The shoulder on SR26 becomes my bike lane

The bike is the Hard Rock model. I don’t know where it fits in the Specialized line, but I’m guessing towards the bottom. It was pretty comfortable, and rode OK, but it took a little getting used to. The handling was different than I’m accustomed to on the TREK, and I’m thinking that the handlebars may be a little shorter. Also, the weird double lever shifters are awkward. The worst part is that the front brakes are out of adjustment and provided absolutely NO stopping power. There’s my next home repair job.

Custom Painting
I can’t imagine why someone would advertise a painting company with a sign painted this badly

Since this ride has no racks, I had to eschew the panniers for a canvas attache style bag. I’ve never liked biking with these because it makes breathing more difficult with the strap across my shoulder and chest. Tomorrow, I may try my son’s backpack.

I came home on the South Work Route after a harrowing trip down the hill on Williams street. I was squeezing the hell out of the rear brake level so that I wouldn’t go screaming down the hill and into the middle of River Road/US 231.

Miles Ridden: 8.5 (estimated)

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