I was a little rushed this morning getting out for work. I quickly stuffed some clothes for the ride home in my pannier and hung it on the bike. My garage door broke the other day, so I had to carry the bike into the basement and up the stairs to the front door. I had forgotten my lock, so I went back downstairs and retrieved it. Then, I remembered the elastic pants cuff strap. Finally, I’m ready to go, and that’s when I notice the flat back tire. I took everything back inside and drove to work. I didn’t think about using my son’s bike.

I stopped to buy tubes at the bike shop. Unlike last time, I knew which valve type I needed and was able to declare “Schrader” with confidence.

At home, a quick inspection of the tire found a 3/4 inch staple in the tread. I was able to change the tube quickly, so I’m all set for the next ride tomorrow.

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