It’s pretty late in the season, but today was my first before work ride. I took the quick Granville Bridge Route.

Another first – this was the first time I really used my Electrodynamic Bikelights. I installed them way back in March , but I haven’t ridden in the dark until today. (The installation was quite easy.)

Reellight Electrodynamic Bikelight
On the front

These things work exactly as advertised. When the bike is moving, the lights blink. Since I have two magnets on each wheel, I get two blinks per revolution. Do some math with speed and tire size, and one can figure the blinks per second. (I’ll save you some time – it blinks pretty fast when I’m going fast, and not as fast when going slow.) No batteries required. I especially like the front light, since it will help make me visible even when a headlight doesn’t do much. On this ride, I wasn’t able to find my headlight, so it came in handy.

Unfortunately, no one passed me on the tree shaded portions of Division Road heading west, and by the time I was out on the busier part of the road, the sun had popped up. Still, had there been an oncoming car, the driver would have seen me.

Miles Ridden: 9.0

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