I See the Light

Steeker asks, “How did those new blinky lights work out?”

I first installed the Electrodynamic Bikelights in March, and I’ve only ridden in the dark one time since then. However, I can report that they are holding up well. I performed a quick inspection tonight, and I found that they still look great. They are also still working just fine. I just need a night ride to get any benefit from them.

When I picked up my new wheel back in May, the tech told me that the magnet brackets that attach to the spokes may limit the spokes’ flexibility and could contribute to breakage. I’ll watch for any more problems, but nothing so far.

Speaking of a night ride, I don’t think I’ll be attending the Indy NITE Ride next weekend. My wife has already said she wouldn’t be joining me after last year’s ride. Apparently, she didn’t have as much fun as I thought she had, and she actually hasn’t ridden since. I probably pushed her too hard.

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