West Point Lions Club

I haven’t had many AM rides this year, so I decided to ride down to West Point and back before breakfast.

It’s time for the winter wheat harvest, so there was some interesting scenery along the way. The first field I came to only had one pass of combine so far, and the contrast between the cut and uncut wheat was striking. A little farther down the road, a field harvested earlier had those big rolls of straw ready for pickup. There was as arrangement of three that with the morning sun looked interesting. It was then that I noticed that the camera I had brought had no battery. It was back at home in the charger!

I would have also taken a shot of the plethora of pick-ups in the Lions Club parking lot, and the group of greyhounds in a pasture ready to run off some energy. I’m sure that my little shots are a little boring to my readers, but still like taking and posting them. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Wildlife spotted included a deer very close to the road munching on soybean plants, and a bluebird flying away from me as fast as possible. (I may never get a shot of one of those.) A surprisingly large snapping turtle was on the approach to the Granville Bridge, but he had lost an earlier encounter with an auto, so I didn’t get too close to look.

Miles Ridden: 18.6

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