The Rolling Hills of DuBois County

I’m visiting Jasper, Indiana this weekend, and I was able to bring the bike along. This morning, I took a ride around the north and west sides of town.

Locals may be interested in the route. I started on 13th street and headed north on St. Charles. This is a fairly wide road with a low speed limit – great for casual cyclists like myself. Still, there was one person who felt obligated to yell at me to “get off the road!” – even though there is a middle turn lane that is great for passing. When I was a little past 700N, I turned back south until I reached 400N (40-something street). Following that road east, I turned south on Newton, which took me back to 13th.

On Portersville Road

Newton is the route for US231 on the north side of town. Over most of the route, there is no shoulder. However, a section in a strip mall and fast food area offered an access road. Farther down the hill I had to navigate around huge asphalt lumps that seemed to be patches that had been pushed out of the potholes they were trying to fill.

Miles Ridden: 15.8

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