And Then, the Weather Turned…

I actually had two rides today. I took the van in for service, so I tossed the bike in the back. I rode from the mechanic on the Levee to my office, and then later to a meeting on the west side of campus. After the meeting, it was back down hill to get the van. I’ve said it before – I love riding during work!

Miles Ridden: 4.7

I left work early so that I could ride up to my son’s high school to watch his marching band play before the football game. He needed his marching shoes, plus I wanted to carry a jacket and camera, so I wasn’t able to use the road bike (no rack for the pannier). And actually, my choice of cargo shorts and t-shirt looks better on a commuter bike. The trip went pretty fast, and I always enjoy driving in city traffic.

And then, the weather turned.

I didn’t notice as I was riding up, but there was a bit of a south wind that had been picking up as the evening progressed. As I stood in the lawn eating my PB&J sandwich, I noticed that everyone else was wearing jeans and sweatshirts. One parent commented on my ‘optomistic outfit”. (He’s the guy involved in the West Lafayette Mayor’s Bike to Work Wednesdays.) The longer I stood outside, the colder I got. By the time the band started to play, I was nearly shivering.

Militia Band Drumline
Harrison High School Militia Band – Drumline and Sousaphones

After a great show, I donned my yellow jacket and turned for home. At this point, it had started sprinkling, and the wind had picked up. The temp was about 10 degrees cooler than the beginning of the ride.

Sure, I was worried about getting drenched or maybe succuming to hypothermia, but as always, the ride got better as I went. The rain dimished to a slow spit, and the winds slowed considerably as the sun set. That yellow jacket is pretty much windproof, which means it doesn’t breathe at all. I had to take it off because my arms were soaked with sweat! The last 5 miles may have been cold, but I was more comfortable.

I kind of enjoy riding at night, so I’m sure I’ll do this again.

Miles Ridden: 18.6

On the Cattail Trail

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