Detour – Schmetour

Detour on Wabash Avenue

I started off on the Wabash Avenue Route this morning and was over half way through it when I came upon the detour signs. I remembered that the Cargill plant was replacing some big equipment, so they had a rail car mounted crane blocking the road for two weeks. I figured that I’d be able to go around like I did last week on the way to town on Newman Road. Unfortunately, when I got down the hill I was greeted with the sight of the big crane across the road and workers and trucks everywhere. There was no way I would be able to squeeze past on the grassy shoulder. So, I pedaled back up the hill and returned home on the outgoing route in reverse.

Miles Ridden: 13.7

Later, I threw the bike in the van and drove to work. Then, I rode the bike up to Ross-Ade stadium where I was scheduled to pilot a golf cart ferrying the elderly and infirmed up the hill to their gates. (It’s funny how people will come up to me and explain their relatives’ medical history to me to prove them worthy of hopping on the cart. What they don’t know is that I really don’t mind. If they look like they’re moving slow, I’ll give them a ride. (as long as I can bill their insurance later 🙂 )

Purdue vs. Miami of Ohio

I walked the bike back to the van, so my mileage was inconsequential.

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