Is It Safer Riding in the Dark?

The neighbor and I rode to work this morning leaving at 6:45. Man! It is still all the way dark here before 7:00! We had all of our lights going, include my Bikelights, several blinkies, and his outrageously bright headlight.

As we rode in on South River Road, through the trees, we noticed that all of the cars were giving us a wide berth when they passed. Every one – and there were many – completely crossed the center line.

However, once we left the tree canopy and found the first rays of sun, the cars passed us much closer – only straddling the line at best.

Therefore, I think that riding in the dark while properly lit is safer than riding in sunlight.

The route to and from work was basically a reverse South Work Route. Plus, I made a quick side trip on an errand before work, and rode downtown to drop off my laundry and take a lunch at Sgt. Preston’s. I love riding around in the middle of the work day. It makes the afternoon so much better.

Miles Ridden: 13.1

P.S. I took the new bike in for its 30-day checkup this week, and I picked it up tonight. I’m ready for some weekend rides!

P.P.S. I almost forgot! Sgt. Preston’s has NO BIKE RACK!

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