Fall Color

What a great day for a ride!

Wabash River - to the East
Wabash River to the East

The neighbor and I got out around 4:30 today, and followed most of the Lilly Road Route, part of the Wabash Avenue Route, and a quick ride through campus to get home.

He doesn’t care for riding in traffic, so as we were coming off the west end of the Myers Pedestrian Bridge, we had a choice between Williams, State, and North streets to get up the hill. He chose North Street. This actually took us through some pretty busy post football game traffic on North River Road, Northwestern Ave, and State Street. I love riding amongst the autos, so I took the lead in grabbing lanes. I think he may choose Williams next time.

Wabash River - to the West
Wabash River to the West

Miles Ridden: 19.3

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