A Day So Nice, I Rode It Twice

Thirty-seven degrees, sunshine, little wind – a good day to ride to work. The ride in was remarkably uneventful, mostly because this is dead week on campus. There are no students and few employees, so the traffic at 7:50, which normally would be a nightmare, was very light.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I did try my hand at a video (UPDATE: See the video here).

Came home around 2:00 using the direct route with beautiful weather and even less traffic.

Miles Ridden: 7.0

Later in the afternoon, I needed to pick up my car which was stranded across town at my wife’s workplace.

(I thought about leaving the keys and hoping someone would steal it. I’m so tired of that beast! Would that work? Jerry Seinfeld did that in the B O episode. In my fantasy, I don’t replace it and either ride the bike or carpool with my wife everywhere. In reality, I would be about six days into the experiment when one of the kids needed a ride to or from school or a friend’s place, or maybe it would rain buckets of water during my commute time, or I had to come home for lunch, or something. I wish my house and the schools were all on bus routes.)

Anyway, it was an easy trek on River Road, US 231 S, SR 25, and Old Romney Road to Twycknenham Drive. Heading east, over the bridge, this road becomes Brady Lane and later Creasy Lane. I found the car (it was sill there – darn it!), squeezed the bike into the back, and drove back home.

Man, I live an exciting life!!

Miles Ridden: 10.5

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