Guilt Ride

I got some great advice from Tom and Steve on riding in the cold. It looks like I may need to go shopping this weekend.

As the temperature rose today, I started feeling guilty about not riding – especially with Tom promising to ride out to the Watchtower (summarized here). It could be my last chance for the month to get out. So out I went.

As I was riding, I was thinking about recording my complaints about my bike clothing, but I’ve changed my mind. I had a good ride, and didn’t lose any toes or portions of my ears in the process.

I took the River Road/Campus route in a clockwise fashion. No interesting events to report, except the white Monte Carlo that almost left turned into me. I was in the right lane a little behind a yellow SUV in the left lane. After the SUV cleared the intersection, the Monte in the oncoming lane started his left turn. He saw me and slammed the brakes. After I went by, he spun his tires to get through before the cars behind me reached him. I don’t hold him at fault – he just didn’t see me behind the SUV. It’s lucky for all us that he stopped when I popped into view.

I think that the right lane of southbound Russell Street between Stadium and State Streets has to be the worst surface in town for a cyclist (even worse than Chauncey Street south of Wood). Those five or six blocks are riddled with potholes, patches, cracks, lumps, and poorly filled utility digs. They are also the blocks maintained by the City of West Lafayette’s Street Department. The portion south of State Street is cared for by the University, and it is in pretty good shape.

Miles Ridden: 10.2

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