Serenity Now!

In the 40s and low wind – how could I not ride today after work?

I left around 5:15 and followed the River Road/Campus route, with a little extra. Remember back a couple of months ago when I complained about the pedestrian path that was planned for the Tapawingo Extension? Well, today I rode the unfinished road. I was a little concerned about a police officer not appreciating my hobby of riding on roads under construction. Sure enough, there was one waiting to turn at the far end, but I guess he didn’t look my way (or didn’t care), and he moved on.

Tapawingo Extension

Why the Seinfeldian title? From the moment I started east on River Road to when I left campus, I had one car after another pass me unsafely (while there was oncoming traffic). Instead of getting angry, I just thought about how nice the ride was going and kept my mood up. Serenity now!

To continue my series of bike mounted camera videos, here’s part of my ride down the hill at Ross-Ade stadium. I’ve mounted my camera on the left fork near the axle. I was worried the entire time that it would fall off.

Miles Ridden: 10.3

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