5 Reasons I Blog

Tom tagged me to report 5 reasons why I blog. Here goes…

To Remember
I enjoy my rides, and I like to remember the details. The blog helps me do that. I often revisit old posts, and I can visualize the ride as I read.
To Organize My Thoughts
My mind is racing all the time, and it’s nice to get something down once in a while. This removes one more thread from the tangled mess in my head.
To Write
I’ve always been jealous of people who write journals or diaries, but I’ve never had anything to say. I’m not sharing my deep, innermost thoughts here, but it’s something. Plus, I get practice with punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary.
To Share
I like reading about others’ ride experiences, so I put mine down in case someone wants to read them. Plus, my contribution may inspire someone else.
To Document
I’m no great photographer, and my pics are more like snapshots than art work, but I still enjoy trying to capture moments and interesting scenes. The blog gives me a place to post them and put context around them.
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