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Enjoy bicycle touring and commuting

I’m sure you have noticed the annual trend of gas prices rising in time for the summer season — not that it’s very summerlike. One answer to this is to ride your bike to work or on your vacation if you have the time.

There are several benefits to this lifestyle change: health, economy, and stress relief. It’s said that every hour you spend exercising adds two hours to your life.

The reduction in stress is another major factor as well. Have a bad day at work? Take the long route and ride the stress out — your wife, kids and family dog will thank you for it.

Now, the vacation aspect: My wife and I are doing a short bike tour this summer. The average cost of a camping bike tour is about $25 to $50 a day. You don’t have to buy gas, and you actually get to see things. It’s very cool to have a deer just amble across the road when you are rolling along at 10 mph, and you don’t spook it. You get to see things you’ll never even notice if you are blasting by at 70 mph in a sealed glass and steel box.

The best thing, though, is that it’s just about the journey — no complications, no worries about how far you are going to go.

We average about 40 miles a day on tour and take it easy and just have fun.

Tom Leonard



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