I’m planning a longer ride tomorrow, so I just went out for a short one this afternoon up Indian Creek Hill (Alpe du Kerber) to the Ravines Golf Course and back.

No Where to Hide from the Wind

The west wind was pretty strong, and I found that while riding on the floodplain on River Road, there was no protection from it. However, the tail wind coming back was nice.

Ravines Golf Course
Big Trees at the Golf Course

Coming back, I had to get around the bridge construction on Division Road, so I headed up to a second golf course – the Par View.

I Love the Quote Usage

On my last road ride, my cyclocomputer wasn’t registering the cadance. Today, I didn’t get get any distance or average speed numbers. I think it’s time for a new battery. I used Gmaps Pedometer to estimate the mileage.

Miles Ridden: 16.4

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