Early Sunday

I took an early morning ride on Lilly Road today.

The greyhounds were out again today at the house south of Granville on 700W. Unlike last time when there was a gathering, there were just two greys, plus a small furry dog of some type. All three trotted over as soon as I stopped, and they were jostling to try to get my attention. I took a few pictures that didn’t turn out, but I loved seeing them close up.

Cows on Lilly Road
Cows on Lilly Road

I planned the ride so that I would have a nice tailwind on the long straight stretch of Lilly Road, and I had a great time imagining that I was a fast rider.

Eli Lilly - Tippecanoe Labs
Eli Lilly – Tippecanoe Labs

This is part of the factory after which the road is named. It is a pretty big complex with many buildings – presumably all filled with noxious chemicals and dangerous biological specimens. But, it’s one of the area’s biggest and most stable employers, so we don’t question too much.

Miles Ridden: 17.9

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