Honk – Helmet – Bugs – Fire

As I was climbing the hill on Newman Road this morning, a pickup truck was crawling up behind me. When we were about 2/3 the way up, he gave his horn a tap and passed me. At the time, I thought he was letting me know he was angry about waiting, but now I think he was warning me about the manuever. Regardless, it was totally unnecessary.

At the top, I said hi and gave the head nod to a jogger. That’s when I noticed that I wasn’t wearing my helmet. So, I went back down the hill, up the other hill to my garage, and grabbed the brain bucket. This meant that I had to do the hill a second time. So much for minimizing perspiration.

I came home via the north part of West Lafayette. At the park where the Farmer’s Market was being held, I cut through to catch the bike/ped trail around to Kalberer Road. Unfortunately, I instead ended up lost in a subdivision. Somehow, I made it over to the Research Park and the Cattail Trail. And the trail was swarming with tiny bugs. I hate it when something gets inside my helmet and crawls around on my head. Aarrgghh!

Just them, my phone rang. I answered to hear my wife telling me that there was an unattended brush fire in the backyard of the rental next door. The owner has been doing some work, and I guess he decided to set the trash on fire and leave. My wife called the number on the For Rent sign in front to tell them that they had five minutes to get back before she called the fire department. They didn’t make it, so she dialed 911. Since she had told the dispatcher that it wasn’t an immediate danger, they sent the truck without lights and sirens, but one of the neighbors who is a volunteer on the force arrived pretty quickly and watered down the edges with a garden hose. The truck arrived shortly after, and they hosed it down and stirred it around to make sure it was out. When the owner arrived, they scolded him for leaving, and for including old railroad ties in the burn pile. We found later that the fire had spread to some other brush and down to the creek bed.

Miles Ridden: 15.1

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