And I Can’t Dance Either

Sunrise in the Power Lines
Sunrise on the Power Lines

In my haste to pack my bag this morning, rather than including one pair of shoes, I instead packed two left shoes. Lucky for me one of the shoes was wide enough to fit on my right foot for the ride home.

Two Left Feet

I also rode downtown for lunch today (less than a mile each way, and the burger was great). On my way back, and guy in a truck pulled up next to me and we talked a bit. He said I was brave for riding in the street, and I answered that it wasn’t so bad. (The Lafayette area is pretty nice to bike riders.) He then said that he supposed that I have as much right to the streets as anyone else. How cool is that?

Just to show that I was right about the nice drivers, the many cars that passed me on South River Road tonight all used the entire left lane only when the way was clear. Not a bad day for a guy with two left feet!

Miles Ridden: 10.6

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