S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Ride

With my plaid bib shorts, long late-70s styled hair, and a thick brogue, I left the house at about 8:30 on the Lilly Road Route.*

Deer in the Clearing

I see deer fairly often as I ride around the area, but I never seem to have a camera ready to go. Today however, I happened to already be stopped with the camera powered up when I saw this young lady. She watched me for a while, and only moved about 10 feet when a car came through. I took a few shots and continued along Lilly Road. It was then that I noticed the fawn on my right running along with me. He got a little ahead and turned left to cross the road at an opening in the fence, and he screeched to a halt when I came by.

I’m guessing that the deer on the left side was the mother of the fawn on the right, and they were trying to get together. Hopefully, all was well after I left.

Between the Fields
Not My Kind of Route

Miles Ridden: 17.9

*Those who are old enough (like me) to get the Bay City Rollers reference before reading this footnote get five extra points for just hanging in there.

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