Wabash River Ride

The Wabash River Cycle Club held their Wabash River Ride today. (This event was formerly called the Wabash River Century). I was excited about going, since the routes included roads I haven’t ridden before. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as we had hoped.

Ready to Go
Ready to Go!

The neighbor and I, plus his wife and two friends, made plans to start out early. Instead of leaving at 6:30, we waited for the skies to clear and didn’t get on the road until 10:00, and we left the starting point just after 11:00. Somewhere close to noon, the rain started. It was a sprinkle at first, which changed to a light shower, then a little stronger, and finally a downpour for about the last three miles before the SAG. We were soaked!

I Got a Little Wet

The SAG was in a park in Mulberry, and the barn gave everyone nice shelter. We had PB&J sandwiches and cookies while we waiting out the rain. Once the rain stopped, we were back on the road.

There was a decision point about five miles past the SAG. A left turn left five miles to go on the 26 mile route, while a right turn promised 23 more miles on the 43 mile route. The neighbor and I had planned to leave the ladies on the short route while we tackled the longer distance. However, I was feeling less than excited about two more hours of riding with the possibility of additional rain, so I convinced him that we should take the left. It wasn’t tough to bring him around.

We got back to the starting point, and we talked with my neighbor’s grad students, who had just finished the 65 mile trek. They still seemed pretty energetic.

I’m hoping that the weather will be a little better next year.

Miles Ridden: 27.0

(More photos here)

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