Almost Clotheslined

There’s a route I’ve been taking when I need a quick trip to the North because of a NE or NNE wind that I need to document and name. Trouble is, I don’t want to just call it the North Route. We’ll see.

Anyway, I took the (North Route) today, which starts North on 400W. I often will cut over on 450N, but today I went the extra (half) mile to 500N. After going east for a short time, I can head South on Taft Road/300W/Klondike Road.

Great Wooded Front Yard

There was an article in the paper a few months ago talking about how that road needed a major overhaul to handle the fast traffic using it. I’ve been thinking that all it needs it sidewalks for the shoppers on foot to use, and a few traffic controls (stop signs or lights, speed bumps). Instead of making yet another speedway, let’s make this one a neighborhood street. Those that want to drive fast can use McCormick Road to the east or some ignored county road to the west. In reality, they will eventually build another Creasy Lane where the traffic goes way too fast for any traffic other than motorized to get around.

Anyway, I used Drury Lane to cut from Klondike Road to SR26, skipping a few thousand feet of state highway. About halfway into the subdivison, I came upon a man standing by him mailbox look intently at his neighbor’s yard across the street. His dog was 2/3 the way across the street looking just as serious about whatever they were watching. (It could have been the turkey said to live in the trees in this area.) I was just 10 feet from them when I noticed the thin cable of the retractable leash across the road at about 2 or 3 feet in the air. I executed a flawless turn around the dog to the right to miss the cable.

SR26, Sharon Chapel Road, and Newman Road take me back to Division Road and home.

Miles Ridden: 13.7

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