Returning a Video

Wabash River

I had to return a video to the grocery store located north and east of my house, so like any good cyclist with time to kill, I turned south. With the sun rising in the east, and a waning moon still high in the west, I headed into Lafayette.

South on US231 provides a nice wide shoulder (that I’ve mentioned before). However, today it seemed like a slalom course as I was trying dodge all of the debris. There was much broken glass, stay metal, and rocks and pebbles. Somehow I survived without a flat.

I turned east on 500S and then north on 100E – aka Ninth street.

Ninth is a pretty good place to ride. It is a straight thoroughfare with some wide sections and several stop lights to keep the traffic under control. Plus, it wasn’t very crowded on a Sunday morning at 9:45. All of the Christians were already in church, and most of the heathens still in bed.

The street passes by many great neighborhoods and landmarks, including Old Farm Road, Twychenham Estates (my old neighborhood), Central Catholic High School, the Lafayette Country Club, Highland Park, Historic Ninth Street Hill, downtown, Centennial Neighborhood, old Jeff High School (now a Senior apartment complex), and the County Jail before becoming North Ninth Street Road leading to Battleground.

There are only a few choices for crossing the Wabash River with a bicycle, and I’ve tried all but one of them. Today, I tackled Sagamore Parkway between Duncan Road and Soldiers Home Road in West Lafayette. The route for US52, this is a road I usually avoid because of the fast traffic, many driveways, and narrow shoulders. This stretch of road solves two of those problems, since there are no drives on the bridge, and a lane wide shoulder just for me. Still, it’s pretty steep – almost the same as Happy Hollow Road.

Sagamore Parkway

When I got to the top, auto traffic was still light, so I continued on to the grocery store. I opted against using the cheezy bike rack at Marsh, and just leaned the bike against the Blue Rhino case.

The ride home was uneventful.

Miles Ridden: 25.3

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