Which is Your Favorite?

Riding around the other day, I was noticing the different configurations for bike lanes, turn lanes, and intersections. Which do you prefer?

1. Bike Lane Straight Through

Which is Your Favorite?

This is a new intersection on US231 with Tapawingo/Williams in West Lafayette. The bike lane continues straight with the turn lane appearing to the right. The sign says “BEGIN RIGHT TURN LANE – YIELD TO BIKES”. Motor vehicles must cross the bike lane to turn right, and those drivers are expected to watch for cyclists.

2. Bike Lane Around the Side

Which is Your Favorite?

This is the next light north of the previous photo, where US231 intersects with SR26 (River Road and State Street). An older intersection, it has the bike lane following along the edge all the way to the stop light. The rider must change lanes to continue straight, and runs the risk of being ‘hooked’ by a right turning car. The same “YIELD TO BIKES” sign is posted here.

3. Bike Lane Disappears

I don’t have a picture of this one, but I see it all over. The bike lane just stops before the turn lane starts. The rider has to merge into his favorite lane with no special protection – just normal traffic rules.

4. Something Else

What else have you seen? Describe it, or post a photo.

Please leave your choices and thoughts in the comments, and I’ll summarize in a later post.

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