October Totals and Post 500!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve written 500 of these little gems. I wonder how far I’ll get before I tire of it. I’m sure that most that have read my little blog have moved on, but I keep going just for me regardless.

Leaves Gather
Fallen Leaves Hide from the Wind Next To my Wheel

This is the first month since January where I’ve missed my monthly goal, based on percentages of an annual, secret goal (as outlined here). I’m only off by 23 miles, and I’ve actually already passed the secret goal for the year, but I don’t like missing a benchmark. Anyway, November is a new month, so here I go!

October Total: 147.0 miles
October Last Year: 135.3 miles

Total This Year (so far): 1,930.1 miles
Total This Time Last Year: 1,355.8 miles

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4 Responses to October Totals and Post 500!

  1. John says:

    Over the past year there have only been 2 bicycling blogs that I follow. Yours is one of them. Thanks for writing. Here in Calgary, Alberta I have been cycling in snow already. I know what you mean by brisk, dark morning rides!

  2. Noah says:

    Crazy, Dan. I’m at 499 posts right now. Congrats and keep on bloggin’

  3. Apertome says:

    Rest assured, you have readers. I read every post, even if I don’t always say something. I narrowly missed my October goal as well. Which I sort of thought might happen, but it’s still unfortunate.

  4. Dan says:

    Hey, guys. Thanks for the great comments.

    Now that I know you are reading, I’m a little nervous! 🙂

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