Look at Me! I’m in Tatters!

Flag in Tatters
This Flag Puts the ‘Old’ in ‘Old Glory’

The neighbor and I haven’t ridden together in a couple of weeks, so we headed out this afternoon.

It was 4:30 before we actually hit the road, so the 6:30 sunset would limit our time out. We started off on a short ride north, and ended up taking 400W up to 500N. Then we rode west to US231, and south to Montmorenci. We had planned to take Jackson Highway back towards home, but decided to continue south all the way to Division Road by the Ravines Golf Course.

With strong headwinds during the north and west portions of the route, we really appreciated the push we got going south. The eastern run on Division Road wasn’t quite as effortless, but still easy.

With the wind and cold, it was quite a workout.

Miles Ridden: 21.4

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