Doesn’t Look Good

My wife and I were driving home tonight around 7:00, when we saw police lights ahead on SR26 just west of campus. As we waited in the line of cars stopped at the apparent scene of an accident, a tow truck, lit up in yellow, passed us on the left.

After a minute or two, our westbound lane was directed through the parking lot of the now empty flower shop in the front of the Horticulture Park area. On the road in front of the shop was a bent up bicycle. A small, white car facing east had its windshield shattered. We didn’t see any people standing around – maybe the driver of the car or rider of the bike, so I can only guess that one or both of them were transported away for treatment.

At this point, we don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to guess that the rider wasn’t wearing any lights (none were seen at the site) or reflectors. Also, the auto driver wasn’t payment much attention to the road, or to those using the road.

I’ll watch the local news and pass along what I learn.

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