The First Ride of the New Year

… was a low key affair. After the bitter cold and snow of the first few days, and before the rain predicted for the next few days, we were given a cloudy, gloomy, windy, and uncharacteristically warm day. With an hour between obligations (family visiting for the weekend), the route headed west on Division Road to the golf course and back. A lethargic leisurely pace helped get out of shape leg muscles back into the groove.

Standing WaterWith the big thaw these last couple of days, everything was wet, and the ground is saturated. Much standing water could be found in the fields and yards along the route. With a forecasted deluge of rain the next couple of days (maybe the same storm that has been harassing the western part of the US), the creeks, streams, and rivers will be running high.

The bike received a good hosing after the ride to rid it of sand, salt, and dirt, and a chain lube is on tap for tonight.

Miles Ridden: 12.1

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