What Can You With a Camera With No Battery?

Nothing! You certainly can’t take pictures with it. So, instead of shots of ice floes in the Wabash, here’s a shot of a package of Jeff Foxworthy beef jerky taken with my cell phone camera.

It was a rare nice day for a ride – something we haven’t seen here in a while. I dressed for high 30s, but the temps were more like mid 40s. I had a bit of a perspiration thing going on that would have likely made me cold if the ride had been much longer than Granville Bridge returning via the fort.

Muppet of the day was the guy in the Chrysler van. As I approached 300W on River Road, my left arm was proudly pointing north, indicating my intention for a left. As the van slowed and stopped, I began my turn. He then began his left turn across my path, but then saw me in front of his grill and stopped while giving me the ‘go ahead’ hand wave. I mumbled impolite things about his parentage and his relationship with his mother.

Miles Ridden: 10.1

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