The Waiting is the Hardest Part

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – mainly because I haven’t ridden at all this month. The weather has been too cold for me, so I’m waiting impatiently for a little improvement.

In the meantime, I can report on my recent trip:

I spent the first half of the weekend in Naples, FL on business. I only had a couple of hours outside, so I spent some time looking at the cycling possibilities.

My hotel was located on a busy stretch of US41 a little north of downtown. This street sports two lanes in each direction plus a middle turn lane with a median strip, but no bike lanes. The nice, wide sidewalks have one parking lot entrance after another, but this didn’t stop the few riders I saw from using them. I don’t think I would ride on the street there, instead finding an alternate route. It’s possible that some cyclists were doing just that.

One big group I noticed was the crowd gathered outside the car wash collecting their pay (in cash). Several had beater Wally World bikes that they used to speed down the sidewalks.

A later trip downtown found several night spots – coffee and sandwich shops – but no riders.

As usual, I’m basing my opinions on a short glance along one busy street, so I’m sure that things are better there than I saw. The best part, the temps were perfect!

Miles Ridden: ZERO

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